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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gentle Parenting Books

Really great parenting books can be bought on line from

I love Pinky McKay’s books and Dr Sears books!

I have found that these books, along with Elizabeth Pantleys “The No Cry Sleep Solution” are available at my local library, so it’s worth checking if they’re at your library too!

Also your local ABA (Australian Breastfeeding Association) group should have a heap of books that they loan out. To contact your local group, follow this link

Other books

These books have come recommended to me by a parenting expert as being excellent information about the dangers of controlled crying;

Margot Sunderland's new book 'The Science of Parenting'
She discusses over 800 studies and looks at prolonged uncomforted distres in a baby, which can permanently alter the pathways in a babies brain relating to their ability to cope with stress (now and in the future).

Robert Karen's book 'Becoming Attached' Discusses the huge body of research on Attachment theory, started by Bowlby and Ainsworth (Good link for info on Bowlby's work here;

And also 'Why love matters' by Sue Gerhardt has some good references and arguments against controlled crying.

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