I am a social worker and parent in Australia concerned about the western practice of a method called 'controlled crying' that is used on infants to get them to sleep. This blog talks about the use of this method and other parenting methods. Search all the information on this site to be better informed about the practice of controlled crying. For any comments or questions, my email is

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Information for all parents....

I wanted to start this blog so that all parents, professionals, and other interested people could read some research and resources on Controlled Crying. I don't support the method, and I would like to see more research into CC. I am hoping to get Government and Child Health care organisations to examine their views on CC and hopefully change their policies.

I am not out to attack parents over their parenting choices. This is NOT what this blog is about. But if you are a parent who has used CC please take the time to read the research and be informed about the practice. Most parents try their best for their children, and many of us have been raised with CC and really don't know about other options or other parenting methods. Many of us have had Child Health Nurses, or other professionals or 'experts' tell us to leave our baby to cry and for many of us this just doesn't feel right to do this.

Please don't think I am attacking or judging other parents, I'm not. I simply want to get the message out there about the research, and the organisations against the practice of CC. I also hope that I can provide options for parents out there who would like to use other parenting methods.

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