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Saturday, June 24, 2006

Gentle Options

There are many other ways to settle a baby. A lot of people choose to parent in a more 'natural' style, called Attachment parenting (AP). But this is not the only way to parent your child gently.

Some good online resources are;

Martha Sears and Dr William Sears and family

Pinky McKay - Melbourne based author and parenting expert (this website links to MANY great resources world wide!)

Elizabeth Pantley - author of "The No Cry Sleep Solution"

Children, Youth and Women's Health Service - South Australia

Dr James McKenna - Director at the Centre for the Study of Maternal-Infant Sleep

The Continuum Concept Website - Articles by Jean Liedloff

The Natural Child Project

Byron Child

Mothering Magazine


I will add more, as I could literally type all day on parenting methods, but I need to parent my baby too!!

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