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Friday, June 23, 2006

Government Website

This is from a new Government Website...

What if my baby vomits?
Up to 20% of babies may vomit during controlled comforting. These are often the more feisty babies. If this happens, quietly and calmly clean up any vomit from the bed and put a clean nappy wrap under the baby’s head. Avoid making a big fuss, turning on lights, or completely changing the baby unless absolutely necessary. Otherwise, some babies learn to vomit each time they are put into the cot.

I would be interested to read the Centre for Community Child Health's research that says leaving a child to cry until they vomit is ok. I would also be interested to find information on SIDS that states nothing should be added to the cot other than a fitted sheet and blankets tucked in tight over a baby sleeping on their back.

I think it is also interesting to look at this quote from another angle.....

Would we be comfortable if the quote said to do this to teenagers who didn't sleep properly? or if a woman (friend, wife, sister, mother or partner) was crying alone in a room would we let her vomit or not comfort her? If an elderly or disabled man was treated this way would this be acceptable?

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