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Friday, June 23, 2006

Other Terms for Controlled Crying

Controlled Crying (referred to on this blog as cc) is also called many other things. These other names sometimes mean the same, and are sometimes variations of the original controlled crying method (by Dr Richard Ferber). Many believe any method that involves leaving a baby to cry can be harmful to babies.

Controlled crying (CC)
Controlled comforting
Cry it Out (CIO)
Lay down approach
Sleep training
The Ferber Method
Systematic ignoring
Systematic comforting
Progressive desensitisation
Progressive Waiting
Progressive Settling
Deep end approach
Pick up / Put down
Camping out
Sleep separation technique
Comfort Settling
Hands on Settling
Gradual Withdrawal
Crying down
Minimal Reassurance
Timed crying
Freedom to Cry

Straight extinction (also called Extended crying)
Parents ignore their child's crying until it stops

Graduated extinction
Controlled crying, where parents ignore their children's crying for increasing lengths of time

Modified extinction
This is where parental presence is maintained in the room with the child, however they do not interact or talk to the child. Therefore, parents do not leave their child alone in the bedroom.

'Feed-sleep-play' or other terms for routines can also be used to refer to (or involve) CC.

There are probably other names for this method. I will add them as I read of others.

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