I am a social worker and parent in Australia concerned about the western practice of a method called 'controlled crying' that is used on infants to get them to sleep. This blog talks about the use of this method and other parenting methods. Search all the information on this site to be better informed about the practice of controlled crying. For any comments or questions, my email is

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Being "Fully Informed"

Read all the reputable articles on this Blog to be fully informed about the practice of controlled crying. Once you have read this information and sought further information in support of controlled crying, then you should be comfortable in knowing you are making a fully informed decision.

In Australia all material risks must be disclosed (as in the case of Rodgers vs Whitaker) in any proposed treatment. So you are within your rights to discuss any issues or questions you have with your health professional (and you should expect them to be able to discuss it with you) before using this method on any child.

Informed consent is a legal condition whereby a person can be said to have given consent based upon an appreciation and understanding of the facts and implications of an action. The individual needs to be in possession of relevant facts and also of his or her reasoning faculties” (Wikipedia)

“In the United States, Australia, and Canada, a more patient-centered approach is taken and this approach is usually what is meant by the phrase "informed consent." Informed consent in these jurisdictions requires that significant risks be disclosed, as well as risks which would be of particular importance to that patient” (Wikipedia)

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